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Basic Web Design Package

Get your website designed, hosted and globally visible in 24 hours, with a Home & About page.
Price: ₦35,000

Standard Web Design Package

Get more features for your website such as Team/Staff page, two official email addresses and other standard features.
Price: ₦55,000

Premium Web Design Package

This package includes creation of eCommerce sites, making your website visible on Google search and a host of many other premium benefits.
Price: ₦89,000

Custom Request (Web Design)

If you need a website with features that are not covered in our other Web Design Packages, you can make a custom request and we'll give you personalized feedback to meet your needs.

Starter: Customer Relationship Management

Do not lose your customers to your competitors. Let us help you retain your customers with our starter customer relationship management package.
Price: ₦2,000/Month

Mid-Level: Customer Relationship Management

With our Mid-Level CRM package, we respond and follow up to your customer inquiries (for up to 100 of your customers).
Price: ₦5,000/Month

Advance: Customer Relationship Management

Added to all features present in our other CRM packages, we can also work with you in messaging your customers monthly about your products, new offers and business updates.
Price: ₦10,000/Month

Custom Request (Customer Relationship Management)

If you need our help to manage your customers in a way that ensures increase in your business growth, reputation and long term profitability, feel free to request for a custom package.